Goods to be Purchased

Cost breakdowns are soon to come as we continue to source the items. These prices are subject to change as we continue to search for products with the best quality to price ratio. As we exceed our goals, we will add to the quantity of an item, or add more items of necessity to the purchase list. Check back for updates!

twin bed.jpg

Twin Bed

Twin mattress, box spring, frame for the toddler son


Queen-sized Bed

Mattress, box spring, frame for Camila and Gian Marco

full bed.jpg

Full-sized Bed

Full mattress, box spring, frame for Camila’s mother


Sheet sets, plush blankets, and mattress protectors for 3 beds



4 pillows, 1 for each family member

clothing gift cards.jpg

Clothing Gift Card

Gift card to clothing store to clothe all 4 family members

pots and pans.jpg

Pots & Pans

Pots and pans set with included cooking utensils

Dishes & Cutlery

Silverware, dish set for adults, dish set for children

table and chairs.jpg

Table & Chairs

Dining room table with 4 chairs



For the family to enjoy in the living room



1-year supply of diapers to last until their toddler is potty trained