Final Update of 2018 Fundraiser!

4th annual birthday fundraiser final tally.jpg


Thanks to some last-minute donations, our actual final tally was a whopping $3,536.89!!! We OBLITERATED last year’s record! Here’s what we ended up providing the family:

  • A brand-new Dell laptop, laptop case, and USB drive to help the kids do their homework

  • 1 year’s worth of bus passes for the mother and two older kids to be able to get around town

  • 2 bikes, helmets, and bike locks for the kids

  • 2 brand-new full mattresses, 1 brand-new queen mattress, box springs, and frames at a great discounted price from Mattress Firm!

  • Pillows, sheets, blankets, and comforters for all 3 beds

  • Crib and mattress pad for the baby

  • A new dining room table with 4 chairs

  • A full pots and pans set, full adult dish set, full silverware set, and toddler dish set

  • A new pair of shoes for all 4 family members

  • Clothes donated by a local charity

  • $400 to Old Navy for new clothes